Merging Spartan’s 39 Google Workspace Domains into 1

In the middle of 2021, Spartan reached out to HiView Solutions regarding their complex Google Workspace migration project. They were seeking an experienced consultant who would also be responsible for Workspace managed services, administration, and user Change Management throughout the project.


The challenge

As a globally-distributed workforce, Spartan had been managing each of its 39 locations via a separate Workspace tenant. This meant they had 39 email domains, 39 Admin consoles, and 39 collaboration environments. Spartan’s team needed these all to be brought into a single Workspace tenant with minimal interruption to the busy team’s work, and a prioritization of data security throughout and following the migration. They aimed to enjoy centralized IT management and more streamlined collaboration within and between locales after the project completion.


The approach

Based on Spartan’s needs, a fixed schedule of 15 hours per week was created for the HiView consultant. First, the consultant created 38 organizational units (one for each tenant to be migrated). Courses of action varied between users; while most had their data migrated via Cloud Migrator (CloudM), some users did not need anything to be migrated, and other accounts were suspended or archived.

In spite of the now-shared tenant, the HiView consultant was able to specify in bulk which user groups could access which files via Target Audiences and Google Apps Manager (GAM). The consultant also recreated all preexisting Google Groups in the new tenant.

Users received email communications prior to their region’s go-live to help them prepare for the associated changes. On their go-live date, users simply needed to re-authenticate within their mobile devices and email client.


The results

  • 38 domains merged into
  • 327 user accounts successfully brought under 1 admin console
  • 0 downtime occurred for most users
  • All file access permissions were migrated
  • Critical Zendesk functionalities were preserved

“HiView made our massive Workspace to Workspace migration project a breeze. The consultant was highly communicative throughout. Our team was able to work as usual throughout the migration and now collaborate seamlessly within the shared environment.”

Amaury Da Costa, Senior Director, Technology Systems
Spartan Race, Inc.

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