Tauzer Apiaries Secures Company Data with Google Workspace

After spending some time using free consumer (free) Google Workspace accounts for their business, the sustainable beekeepers at Tauzer Apiaries grew frustrated by the limitations. Legitimate emails were ending up in spam folders, file access control was nonexistent, and employees’ business data was not legally owned by the company. Ready for a new solution to streamline their processes and workflows, they connected with HiView.


The challenge

The team initially scoped the project as only a migration from consumer Google accounts to business accounts, but it was soon discovered that there were six users also using the provider Media Temple for email. This meant that email data needed to be migrated from Media Temple in addition to Gmail. Additionally, they wanted to maintain their 4 secondary domains as aliases.

As for Google Drive file migration, there is no tool that systematically migrates Drive files and folders from consumer Google Workspace accounts to business accounts. 


The approach

Email: The HiView technical lead migrated all Gmail and Media Temple data (including emails and labels) to the new Google environment using Cloud Migrator.

Drive: Because there is no effective tool that systematically migrates Drive data from a consumer account, this had to be done by the Tauzer Apiaries team. The technical lead held an Admin orientation, advising leadership about how to enable users to move their documents into Shared Drives in the new environment. This would also reset sharing permissions, making company documents more secure.

Change Management: One general Google Workspace training session was held for all end users to enable them to take advantage of the new features at their disposal. This was especially effective because the end users were highly engaged, asking many questions throughout the session. Communications were also shared with the users. These included information about what to expect and instructions for accessing accounts and enabling 2-step verification.


The results

  • 15 users were migrated to Google Workspace Business Standard
  • Gmail aliases created for four secondary domains

“Thanks to HiView’s migration expertise, our data is far safer and better organized than ever before. Plus, now we have access to their support team to ensure our long-term success on Google Workspace!”

– Rachel Morrison, Outreach and Education Manager
Tauzer Apiaries

About Tauzer Apiaries, Inc.

Tauzer Apiaries is a family-operated team of beekeeping professionals providing pollination services to northern California farmers. Their subsidiaries include specialty honey producer Sola Bee Farms and bee and beekeeping product vendor Honey Bee Genetics.

Industries: Business & Professional Services, Agriculture

Location: Petaluma, California

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