Tetakawi Manufacturing Moves to G Suite (Google Workspace)

With teams spread across offices and countries, powerful collaboration tools are essential for success at a company like Tetakawi. A few years ago, a few employees began creating and sharing information with the free version of Google Docs. When the Offshore Group’s legacy hosted-exchange solution start causing delays in the sending/receiving of emails, adoption of Google Docs accelerated as more and more employees sought a reliable and efficient way to share information.


With mounting company email system issues and more employees preferring to use Google Docs, Tetakawi contacted Google to conduct a thorough evaluation of G Suite. Their primary objectives: 1) Implement a reliable email system, and 2) Bring the work done in Google Docs under the purview of OffShore Group’s IT Department.

HiView Delivery

In order to ensure a successful rollout of G Suite, Google introduced Tetakawi’s IT department to HiView Solutions to build and execute a deployment plan, including Technical Services (data migration, account configuration, etc.) and Change Management Services (impact assessment, communication, and training).

Tetakawi’s G Suite Deployment spanned a 5-week period, beginning with a thorough impact assessment and concluding with end-user training. Working with HiView as a deployment partner, OffShore Group transitioned 300+ employees from Outlook to Gmail, from sharing attachments over email to working in Google Docs, and from locally run software to a true 100% cloud-based office productivity solution.

Tetakawi purchased ongoing account management services from HiView to ensure that they would get the most of their G Suite investment while driving continuous adoption of new products and services. Tetakawi can now focus on their customers, knowing they have a reliable office productivity platform in place that empowers their employees to do great work and continue to grow the business.

About Tetakawi

With 600+ employees in Tuscon, AZ, and manufacturing sites in Sonora and Tijuana, Tetakawi (formerly The Offshore Group) helps manufacturing companies of any size enjoy the benefits of operating in Mexico while avoiding risks. For over 30 years, Tetakawi has provided their customers with world-class expertise, reliable infrastructure, and all the necessary resources to open, operate, and expand manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Tucson, Arizona

About HiView Solutions

Building your business for tomorrow. A Google Cloud Premier Partner supporting medium-to-large companies with data migration and Change Management. 



  • G Suite (Google Workspace)
  • Chrome Enterprise
  • Chromebox for Meetings