Creating a Seamless Google Environment for The Daily Grace Co.

The Daily Grace Co. looked to achieve a unified collaboration experience and more effective account administration by migrating three domains and 21 users into their primary Google Workspace environment. After we connected with them, we assigned one Technical Lead and one Project Lead/Change Manager to help them realize this goal.


The challenge

All Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Drive, and Gmail content were to be migrated. Because both the source and destination were Google Workspace domains, it was classified as a Workspace-to-Workspace migration. This meant that the users involved were already well-accustomed to using Google Workspace, but some Change Management services were still required to inform the users of what to expect.

The team encountered two roadblocks during this project. The first was a delay in confirming domain ownership of the Cloudflare-hosted primary domain. The second was the discovery that prior to project activities, one of the domains was not receiving mail due to missing MX configuration. The HiView team resolved these issues as detailed below.


The approach

The Daily Grace Co. provided HiView with Admin access to the source and destination accounts. This enabled HiView to export the source user list, after which the customer confirmed which users should be migrated.

The Technical Lead then initiated migration using CloudM. However, an issue arose in which there was a delay in gaining access to Cloudflare, where the primary domain was hosted. The customer was responsive and engaged, which helped the project continue to move forward in spite of the resulting timeline adjustment. Next, the HiView Technical Lead identified and resolved the missing MX configuration from one of the source domains, fixing their mail delivery issue. After these two issues were resolved, the migration ran smoothly.

On the Change Management side, three email communications and a Support Site were shared with users. These provided information including migration timeline updates, actions to take, and general tutorials for Google Workspace applications


The results

  • 21 users were migrated and their login credentials were unchanged
  • ~10-15 minutes of planned downtime occurred after hours
  • All files and access permissions were migrated successfully

“The HiView team was a pleasure to work with! I appreciated their adaptability and responsiveness. They always kept me informed and were easy to reach when I had questions.”

– Emily Downey, Director of Operations
The Daily Grace Co.

About The Daily Grace Co.

The Daily Grace Co. is a Christian faith-centered online retailer, publisher, and podcast. They create beautiful, accessible resources for their audiences in a variety of mediums.

Industry: Retail

Location: Houston, Texas

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