Transforming Collaboration with Google Workspace for PMI Palmetto

PMI Palmetto Org, a dynamic organization dedicated to project management excellence, faced collaboration challenges within their existing Zoho environment. Seeking a transformation, they turned to HiView Solutions, a Google Workspace specialist, for guidance.



PMI Palmetto recognized several pain points in their Zoho setup:
1. User-Friendly Interface: They aimed to enhance the collaboration experience with a more user-friendly interface, making it easier for their members to work together efficiently.
2. Searchable Email History: Productivity was hindered by the inability to search through email history. They desired a solution that would allow quick and easy access to past email communications.
3. Minimizing Confusion and Back-and-Forth Messages: Excessive confusion and back-and-forth messages during collaborations were causing delays. PMI Palmetto sought to streamline communication by implementing tools and channels within Google Workspace.
4. Recording and Storing Symposiums: The organization needed a way to record symposiums and meetings, connected to a storage platform like Google Drive.


The approach
HiView Solutions took a comprehensive approach to address these challenges:
1. User-Friendly Interface: We redesigned their workspace to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. This included customizing their Google Workspace accounts to meet PMI Palmetto’s specific needs and preferences.
2. Searchable Email History: With Google Workspace’s powerful search capabilities, we enabled PMI Palmetto to easily search and retrieve past email communications, boosting productivity.
3. Efficient Communication: We introduced features like real-time chat, threaded discussions, and project management tools within Google Workspace to streamline communication and minimize confusion.
4. Recording and Storage: HiView Solutions integrated recording solutions for symposiums and meetings directly into Google Workspace. This allowed seamless recording and automatic uploading to Google Drive for easy access and sharing.


The results
The results were transformative: PMI Palmetto experienced a significant improvement in collaboration efficiency with the user-friendly interface. The searchable email history feature enhanced productivity, enabling quick access to crucial information. The streamlined communication channels reduced confusion and back-and-forth messages, saving valuable time. Recording symposiums and meetings became a seamless process, with recordings readily available in Google Drive.

“This was a wonderful experience all due to HiView Solutions”

Eddie Ervin, Technology Director
PMI Palmetto

About PMI Palmetto

The organization administers the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification program, delivers international and regional seminars, provides geographical membership services through its chapters, and provides industry level services through Specific Interest Groups (SIGs).

Industry: Business & Professional Services

Location: Greenville, SC

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