Utah Navajo Health System Moves to G Suite (Google Workspace) with HiView

With several facilities and over 600 support staff, technology is critical to maintaining financial viability and operating efficiency at UNHS and BMH. HiView began working with IT leadership in the Spring of 2018 to discuss workplace collaboration across the organization. Six months later, HiView transitioned the entire organization to G Suite (now Google Workspace).


The challenge

In early conversations with IT Leadership, our team identified a few core objectives:

  • Move to the Cloud. Replace aging legacy on-premise servers with G Suite, shifting all communication & file storage systems to Google’s Cloud. 
  • Improve Collaboration. Many support staff voiced support for the project early on, asking to use products like Google Docs at the office. A move to G Suite enables employees to work with each other in Google Docs, while maintaining HIPAA Compliance.


The Approach 

The HiView G Suite team utilized a 3-phased approach for the G Suite Deployment:

  • Phase #1 Core IT
  • Phase #2 Early Adopters
  • Phase #3 Global Go-Live (entire organization)


Phase #1 “Core IT” included detailed G Suite Admin Training for the IT team, as well as a small rollout of G Suite to about 15 team members. This allowed the IT team to become familiar with the administration of G Suite and better understand what the transition for employees would entail. 

Phase #2 “Early Adopters” was the opportunity to test-drive the change management assets and overall user experience that our team put together for the move to G Suite. In this stage, about 10% of the organization receives communications, attends trainings, and switches over to G Suite from their legacy system.

Phase #3 “Global Go-Live” included all the change management elements delivered to the Early Adopter Phase, but also some additional remote instructor-led webinar trainings and onsite training. HiView consultants flew out to Southern Utah to lead training sessions and ensure that people had all their questions answered. 

About Utah Navajo Health System/Blue Mountain Hospital

The Utah Navajo Health System is a not-for-profit Community Health Center providing medical, dental and behavioral health care in neighborhoods throughout Southern Utah.

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Blanding, Utah

About HiView Solutions

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  • Chrome Enterprise
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