What others might think impossible: minimum downtime for Google Workspace Migration

Advanced Plastics, a 65 year old wholesale distributor in business since 1959, with 9 locations outside Nashville, TN, recently signed an agreement to purchase/open another location in Dallas, Texas, expanding to 9 different locations. Being a forward-thinking company, they decided to transition to Google Workspace so they could take this opportunity. Another challenge they faced was transitioning from traditional local servers and Microsoft Office to the modern and collaborative environment of Google Workspace. HiView Solutions, a trusted IT firm specializing in Google Workspace, took on the task of guiding this transformation.


The challenge
The challenges were significant. Advanced Plastics needed a seamless migration that ensured minimal disruptions to their operations. Concerns about data security and implementation with 3rd party applications were raised.


HiView’s Role:
HiView Solutions stepped in as the beacon of expertise. Our team provided expert technical guidance throughout the migration process, assisting with migrating approximately 40 users.


Client’s Contribution:
We want to recognize Keith, one of the family owners and an officer of the company, for his outstanding role in this project. His commitment and skill in using Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Exchange were pivotal in the project’s success.


To address the challenges, HiView Solutions implemented a multi-faceted strategy. We leveraged cutting-edge tools and techniques to facilitate data migration, reducing downtime to a minimum. Our tailored training programs ensured that employees quickly adapted to the new environment.


The results

  • 40 user accounts were migrated successfully
  • The team transitioned to Google Workspace with no reported issues
  • No downtime occurred
“This is the first time I’ve ever collaborated with someone in another hemisphere! It was a great learning experience and I’m very grateful to have worked with HiView Solutions.”

Keith, Treasurer
Advanced Plastics

About Advanced Plastics

A 65 year old wholesale distributor in business since 1959, with 9 locations outside Nashville, TN.

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

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