Chrome Enterprise.

A secure cloud-based solution built for the modern employee.


What is Chrome Enterprise?

Chrome Enterprise enables Google admins to manage standalone Chrome OS devices from the Admin console. This popular offering is used by our customers to manage and protect their organization’s Chromebooks. With Chrome Enterprise, organizations enjoy all the advantages of Chrome OS with the convenience and security of overseeing their company devices.

Cost Savings

Save with reduced hardware, deployment, energy consumption and training costs.


Save Time

Get users up and running effectively with fast licenses reassignment and deprovisioning.

Bolster Security

Protect your organization’s data with the same security that backs Google.

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Work Effectively from Anywhere

Quickly boot up on any Chrome OS device and work from anywhere–even when you’re offline.

Learn more about Chrome Enterprise in this short 4-minute video made by our team:

Chromebox for Meetings.

Just as Chrome Enterprise enables organizations to get the most out of Chrome OS devices, Chromebox for Meetings enables teams to hold fast, effective video meetings. With Chromebox for Meetings, users enjoy the same reliable, intuitive Meet experience from any conference room.

Experience productive, seamless meetings with Chromebox for meetings.

How does it work?

Chromebox for Meetings combines the power of Meet and Chrome into one cohesive solution. Here’s how to get started:

1. Choose your hardware

Meet hardware scales to conference rooms of any size. Whether you need a wider field of view, a pan-tilt zoom camera, or an audio-only speakermic, you have a variety of options to choose from, whatever your budget may be.


2. Obtain Chromebox for Meetings licenses

For this step, reach out to our team. Let us know of your Google Workspace (G Suite) @domain and how many licenses you need, and we will quickly provide them. Once your order is processed, your licenses will be visible in your Google Admin console.

3. Install your hardware

Next, install your camera and/or speakermic. For guidance while doing so, we recommend consulting Google’s interactive room design guide.

4. Enroll your device

Now, you can connect your new device to your Google Workspace environment by enrolling it in your domain. To do so, turn on the device, complete the on-screen setup process, and when prompted, sign in with your Google Workspace account.

… and you’re done!

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