GCP Security Workshop.

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Looking to modernize your GCP data security? You’re in the right place

Security is the #1 factor impacting digital transformation. Users are working on the go, data is in the cloud, and devices are multiplying. This makes it more important than ever that IT teams modernize their services. To do so, we help organizations:

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Reduce Costs

Offload outdated legacy cost “anchors”

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Eliminate Complexity

In GCP settings, simple = more secure

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Increase Capabilities

Enable employee productivity while protecting data

We help modernize security whether you are transforming your systems in our cloud or in place, with no need for a VPN server or client.


In Cloud

Built-in safety with the most secure, transparent, and compliant cloud

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In Place

Bring the power of Google’s infrastructure and intelligence to everywhere your systems run

GCP Security

Security has always been at the center of GCP. Its model has been built upon for 15 years, and even secures Google Workspace applications and Google’s search engine. Data is automatically encrypted, and Google maintains transparency in its protection of organizations’ privacy. Furthermore, a wide variety of strong security layers are maintained at Google’s data centers, including biometric identification, metal detection, cameras, vehicle barriers, and laser-based intrusion detection systems.

What is BeyondCorp?

BeyondCorp is Google’s implementation of the zero-trust security model. Initially an internal Google implementation, the approach combines findings from over a decade of experience at Google with proven best practices from the community. With customized network-level policies, read-to-deploy services such as firewalls, and more, implementing BeyondCorp is a simple yet highly effective way to strengthen security practices.

Security Workshops

We offer workshops to both new and existing Google Cloud Platform customers, customizing our approach based on your organization’s size and needs.

In our Security Workshops, we cover:

Security Workshops

Many organizations are moving to GCP, citing modernization and security as their primary motivations. When you’re ready to join them, we will help your organization move its existing cloud services to GCP, including best practices to ensure that GCP’s strong security offering is used to its fullest.

We encourage those considering the move to GCP to take a look at our Cloud Foundations offering for companies new to GCP.

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For Existing GCP Customers

We will review your current settings and examine how they can be improved to better protect your data. After bringing your security up-to-date you can feel reassured that your services are fully secure. We will walk you through reducing complexity in your permission settings and networking policies, and show you how you can reuse these for multiple projects. We’ll also demonstrate how to use user groups, which can streamline your GCP processes, as well as networking policies.

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