Google Gemini Training Services:

Master Google Gemini for Workspace with our expert-led training programs.
With 10+ years delivering training to Workspace customers, we know what’s critical for you to learn about Gemini. HiView offers tailored training packages designed to suit your company’s needs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an advanced user aiming to unlock the full potential of Google Gemini, our training packages are the perfect solution.
Google Gemini Training Packages

Foundational Gemini Training

The essentials of Google Gemini, including prompt engineering, side panel, current features, upcoming features, and applying Gemini to everyday tasks.

Advanced Techniques

For those looking to deepen their expertise, this package explores advanced features and best practices for maximizing efficiency.

Custom Workshops

Tailored to your organization’s needs, these sessions address specific challenges and objectives, offering personalized solutions.
Chrome Extension for Gemini Training: HelpMe Gemini
HelpMe Gemini is a Chrome Extension designed to supercharge your Gemini experience. It provides:
  • Prompt Guidance: Get step-by-step assistance in building powerful prompts for optimal results.
  • Organization-Specific Prompts: Workspace Admins can create a shared “Prompt Library” tailored to your company’s workflows for streamlined productivity.
  • Usage Analytics: Admins get valuable insights into Gemini adoption and common use cases within their organization.
Bundled with our training services, HelpMeGemini becomes a powerful element of your Gemini change management plan. Learn more about HelpMe Gemini.
Gemini for the Enterprise: Deployment and Change Management. 
Successful Gemini adoption at scale requires a comprehensive change management plan that addresses user training, communication strategies, and ongoing support concerns. We have a proven change management strategy rooted in our 10+ years of bringing Enterprises over from Microsoft to Google. HelpMe Gemini acts as a powerful change management tool, providing in-context guidance and promoting consistent use of Gemini across the organization. If you are a larger organization thinking about rolling our Gemini, contact HiView to learn more about our approach.
Gemini Resources for Workspace Administrators

Google is releasing Gemini features rapidly, many of which require a thoughtful approach for Workspace Admins. Features like automatic document labeling must be fine-tuned based on your organization’s own data and policies. If you’re interested in speaking with a Workspace Expert about administering Gemini, you’ve got a trusted team at HiView. Contact us to set up a complimentary call to learn more.