Migrate your Google Groups Data with Ease.

HiView proudly introduces a turnkey solution for the bulk export of Google Groups data, ensuring a smooth transition without data loss.
As a leading Google Workspace Partner, our team has a rich legacy in workspace data migrations. Building on this foundation and in collaboration with Google Professional Services, HiView has crafted a bespoke service for Google Group data migration. Our method scales from hundreds to tens of thousands of Google Groups and offers an unparalleled ease of execution. Below, we outline: 1) The key problem (no API available), 2) Our Solution, and 3) Customer Requirements.

The Problem:

Moving Google Group messages isn’t straightforward because there’s no built-in tool or API specifically for it. Here’s why this matters to Workspace customers:

Data Gaps.

Even though Google Groups sends emails to user inboxes, not all group messages might transfer when we migrate those inboxes, especially if users are frequently added or removed.

Legal Concerns.

Big companies, especially in industries with strict rules, need to save and access their Google Group messages for legal checks and audits.

The Solution:

We’ve found a solution for Business Plus and Enterprise users who have Google Vault. 

Bulk Export

We’ve found a solution for Business Plus and Enterprise users who have Google Vault. 

Detailed Process

We keep track of every step, ensuring we can handle large-scale migrations quickly.

Bulk Export

After the migration, there are 3 options:
Customers must have a Google Workspace subscription that includes Google Vault and the service must be switched ON with an existing retention policy in place.

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