Google Workspace Security Assessment.

Understand your current security posture and how to improve with an expert-led review of your Google Workspace security settings and procedures.

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Your Google Workspace Environment, Our Experts

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we are trusted by Google to provide not only licenses, but also services for Workspace (previously known as G Suite). Our highly-requested Security Assessments are performed remotely by Google-certified Cloud Security Engineers who are dedicated to thorough analysis and strategic advisory.

Our Approach.

Our Google Workspace Security Assessments are performed remotely over the course of 5 weeks. Recommended attendees include Google Workspace Admins and any other security stakeholders.

Phase 1: Assess (Week 1)

Initially, the project team will administer a technical discovery session to understand where you are in your cloud security journey. We will then thoroughly analyze your existing data structure, access control, and processes.


Phase 2: Educate (Week 2-4)

Three Google Workspace security workshops (each up to 2 hours in length) will be held with your administrators. These workshops are customized according to the results of the security audit as well as your company’s goals.

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Phase 3: Design (Week 4-5)

Finally, our project team will present a security scorecard based on the assessment findings. We will advise your security team on identified actions to improve your environment’s security posture.

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Following Phase 3, the recommended security updates may be implemented by your team, or a plan can be made for HiView-led implementation.

Topics Covered:


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Improve your security posture and build for tomorrow with a Google Workspace Security Assessment.