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Professional GCP Services

Whether you’re just starting to consider Google’s cloud computing solution for your organization or have been using it for years, we at HiView are ready to help. Our Google-certified Cloud Architects and Engineers will provide you with the strategic direction and tactical solutions you need to take your organization’s GCP practice to the next level.

Cloud Architect Services

Cloud Architect Services

Our Google-certified Cloud Architects have the experience needed to successfully design and execute a streamlined approach tailored to your organization’s needs. This allows you to get up and running efficiently, and help your business see more success with Google Cloud Platform down the road.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Whether you are moving your applications to the cloud for the first time or switching from one cloud platform to another, our experienced Cloud Migrators are ready to help. By working to understand your business and its operations, our team can determine the ideal approach.

Cloud Architect Services

Cloud Managed Services

We are pleased to offer ongoing management services for Google Cloud. We know that management is just as crucial as deployment when it comes to success with Google Cloud; our customers enjoy sustained success with our comprehensive approach.

Proven playbooks to help your team get started

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Cloud Start

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Cloud Plan

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Cloud Deploy

Ready toGo GCP Products

GCP Products

Our GCP products are ready to deploy at your organization, combining Google’s powerful cloud computing platform with our certified Cloud engineers’ expertise. They are hosted on Firebase and built with Angular, Google Material Design, and Google APIs. 

Customizable Employee Time Tracking App

Recommended for: Organizations with hourly
employees or contractors

Our lean yet comprehensive time tracking app has been popular with customers since its release in late 2019. Authentication is based on Firebase and Google OAuth, helping the organization keep access secure and limited to the organization.

The app allows users to keep track of hours based on projects and different activities/categories. In the Admin panel, administrators can keep track of the scoped hours per project, as well as review and approve employees’ timesheets.

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Subscription Management App

Recommended for: Software companies; organizations offering digital subscriptions​

This application allows your business to create and manage recurring subscriptions for your customers. With automatic pro-rate and usage-based “metered” billing, our subscription management app can serve several organizations. Built on top of the Stripe payment gateway, the solution is easy to deploy & scale.

The application includes a robust admin panel and customizable customer portal.

User Archiving App

Recommended for: Medium-to-large organizations using Google Workspace (G Suite)

This tool enables Admins to back up data from Gmail and Drive into Google Vault, and then move the backup files to Google Drive with no need to keep archived accounts active. This tool saves administrators time and helps organizations save money by reducing the cost of the active/archived user licenses.

Built with certified Google products

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Why Google Cloud Platform?

Strong security measures

GCP protects your organization with the same secure infrastructure relied on by Google’s search engine. For more information about optimizing your organization’s data security, contact us.

Learn about GCP Cloud Security Workshops >>

AI & machine learning

GCP broadens our clients’ horizons through its innovative machine learning capabilities. Wherever your starting point, our consultants are here to help  with your GCP AI journey.

Application modernization

Legacy on-premise IT systems and the business applications that run on them often cannot adjust to meet increasing or changing needs. In contrast, GCP is scalable, constantly keeping up with your organization’s demand.

Simplified billing

With GCP, you can pay only for what you use. By setting up the proper usage limits, you can avoid surprises on your bill. HiView experts are here to help with this step.

Sophisticated monitoring

By configuring sophisticated monitoring settings, you can maintain visibility of all alerts and metrics such as CPU usage, storage capacity, bandwidth, errors, and more via Cloud Monitoring. This configuration is key to success with GCP.