HelpMe Gemini: Privacy.

Who We Are

HiView Solutions is a Google Cloud Premier Partner providing licenses, services, and support for organizations using Google products such as Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. HelpMe Gemini is a Chrome extension developed by HiView Solutions. HelpMe Gemini helps refine your prompts for Gemini to get the best possible results. We adhere to the best practices of secure enterprise application development as defined by Google.

Our extension’s purpose is to assist users in crafting improved Gemini prompts. The tool is intended to optimize user interaction with Gemini and is available to users worldwide.

How to Contact Us

For inquiries regarding HelpMe Gemini, send an email to Please direct all other inquiries about our products and services to

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may change this privacy policy at our discretion. This page will be updated as needed to reflect any changes.


We use the following definitions in describing our privacy policy:

User—An individual who uses the HelpMe Gemini application.

Services—All features of the HelpMe Gemini application.

App—The platform on which HelpMe Gemini is used. At this time, it’s available only in the Chrome Web Store as a Chrome extension.

We, our and us—HiView Solutions and its employees, partners, and contractors.

Data You Provide to Us

HelpMe Gemini is a Chrome extension designed to improve your interaction with Gemini. Here’s how it handles data:

No User/Authentication Data Storage: HelpMe Gemini does not store any user-specific data or login authentication data. The extension functions entirely within the user’s browser for prompt assistance.

Local storage: the custom instructions are stored using your browser’s local storage and never leave the device you’re working on. 

Why We May Temporarily Access Limited Data

To provide prompt refinement suggestions, HelpMe Gemini may need to temporarily access the following within the user’s active browser tab:

Current Prompt: The text of your current Gemini prompt is used to generate suggestions.

Relevant Gemini Response: Any response provided by Gemini as related to your prompt may be analyzed to improve suggestion quality.

This data is analyzed locally within your browser and is not transmitted or stored by HiView Solutions.

How long we may temporarily access data 

HelpMe Gemini will only access your prompt and relevant Gemini responses while you are actively using the extension within a browser tab. The moment you close the tab or deactivate the extension, all access ceases.


We do not share, sell, or lease any data that HelpMe Gemini may temporarily access