HelpMe Gemini

A Chrome extension to write better prompts for Gemini.

How It Works

1) Input Your Basic Prompt

Begin with any idea you have in mind. No matter how vague or specific, HelpMe Gemini is ready to assist

2) Prompt Optimization

HelpMe Gemini analyzes and enhances your prompt for optimal performance

3) Copy and Paste

Copy the improved prompt and paste it directly into Google Gemini.

User Training for Gemini for Workspace 

HelpMe Gemini trains your end users on the principles of prompt engineering.  Deploy HelpMeGemini to your end users and help your staff quickly develop the skills necessary to get meaningful results from Gemini for Workspace. For additional user support, combine deployment of HelpMe Gemini with a Change Management engagement. Contact HiView Solutions to learn more.

A user training tool to help individuals craft powerful prompts, resulting in better results from Gemini for Workspace

Combine HelpMe Gemini with a Gemini Adoption Program

If you’re looking to get more from your Gemini for Workspace investment, we can deliver a tailored consulting engagement focused on user training and enablement. At HiView, we pioneered the change management strategy to bring thousands of organizations over from Microsoft to Google in the 2010s, so we know a thing or two about bringing new technology into the Workplace. Contact us to learn more about our services.