reCAPTCHA Enterprise.

Seamlessly protect your website from spam, fraud, and abuse

10+ years of website protection, now enterprise-ready.

reCAPTCHA began in 2007 as a widget with letters and words that bots struggled to decipher. It later evolved into v2, which required visitors to identify everyday objects such as crosswalks and buses. reCAPTCHA v3 differed in that it did not require any user interaction—it relied solely on behavioral analytics.

With experience protecting more than 5 million websites with reCAPTCHA, Google has released a security solution for the modern enterprise. Enjoy more granular controls, multi-factor authentication, credential stuffing detection, and more with reCAPTCHA Enterprise.

Just like v3, reCAPTCHA Enterprise does not require any challenge widget, allowing companies to run it on all webpages while maintaining an uninterrupted user experience.

reCAPTCHA Consumer vs. reCAPTCHA Enterprise.

Features reCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA Enterprise
Cost Free up to 1 million assessments per month Free up to 1 million per month, then $0.001/assessment
Usage Limits Limited to 1 million assessments per month Unlimited
Score granularity 4 Levels 11 Levels
Google Support Basic
HiView Support If purchased via HiView
Checkbox (Visual) Challenge
Scoring Challenge
RBAC and Advanced Telemetry
Enhanced Risk Scoring
Reason Codes and Annotation API
Mobile App SDK (Android and iOS)
Password Leak Detection
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Account defender
Payment defender
Reason codes
Android SDK

Protect your enterprise against...

Fraudulent account creation

Bulk creation of fake accounts can result in spam posts, affect your company’s reputation via false reviews, skew your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more.

Industries impacted:


Carding occurs when payment authorization is attempted in bulk to verify stolen payment information. If left unchecked, carding can make your website a hub for fraudsters.

Industries impacted:

Card cracking

When attackers lack one or more values for a stolen credit card (such as a CVC code), they may try many different values on your site through a brute force attack.

Industries impacted:

Cashing out

Stolen account credentials or payment information can be used by bots to obtain goods or cash. It can occur in conjunction with product return fraud.

Industries impacted:

Credential stuffing

Bots can be used to validate stolen username and password pairs. Attackers may obtain these from another application, from a criminal marketplace, or from publicly available breach data dumps.

Industries impacted:

Denial of inventory

Often, goods and services are held for visitors who add them to their cart. Attackers can use this to their advantage by depleting your company’s available stock without making a purchase, leading to business losses.

Industries impacted:


Scalping occurs when limited-availability goods are purchased in bulk with the intent to later resell them at a large profit. Rapid purchases are often made using bots.

Industries impacted:


Automated link clicks, page requests, and form submission can alter your site metrics. This can skew your company’s internal monitoring and/or affect its public reputation.

Industries impacted:


Spamming refers to the inputting of malicious content to manipulate search engine optimization (SEO), to dilute other site content, or to otherwise cause harm to your website or users.

Industries impacted:

Token cracking/coupon fraud

When misused, codes such as coupons and vouchers can negatively impact your business. Token cracking/coupon fraud describes the repeated use of codes intended only for an individual user or select group of users.

Industries impacted:

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