Signature Manager For Gmail

View, edit, and save Gmail signatures in minutes.

Powerful features for easy, custom signatures

Everything you need to create and deploy Gmail signatures for your team.

Create Templates

Make a custom template quickly with placeholders.

Segment your changes

Apply a global company design to all users, or push changes only to specific users, groups, or organizational units (OUs).

QR Code Feature

Share your contact information easily

+ More features

Signature Manager Plans & Pricing

Streamline the creation and management of your team’s email signatures.

Lite Version

Achieve consistency across your organization for free.
  • Assign a templates to Users
  • Preview template with user’s information
  • Check user’s information
  • Company & User placeholders
  • 1 template assignment
  • Apply template manually
  • 1 super admin user access only

Sign-up for a free trial of the premium version for 2 weeks!

After the trial is over, you will still have access to the lite version.

Premium Subscription

The plan for those who want extra creativity.
Get all the Lite features plus more!
HiView Solutions offers various subscription levels depending on the organization’s size.
  • Contact QR Code (New!)
  • Assign Global template to All users
  • Assign templates to Groups
  • Assign templates to Organization Units (OUs)
  • Up to 5 template assignments
  • Multiple users access (admins and non-admins)
  • Auto-sync templates every 24 hours
  • US Business Hours Support (24 hours SLA)

Extra Small

Up to 50 users/ accounts
Billed Annually


Up to 100 users/ accounts
Billed Annually


101 - 300 users/ accounts
Billed Annually


301+ users/ accounts
Billed Annually

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