Signature Manager: FAQs.

How can I sign up for Signature Manager?
Follow these steps:

1. Install the app in the Google Workspace Marketplace 

*Please note that you must have Superadmin access to your Workspace environment to complete this step.

2. Sign into the app using your Google Workspace accounts super admin in Please note that at this time, only one super admin can sign up and have access to the app. 

3. Start managing your users’ Gmail signatures!. Steps to set it up in this video.

What fonts are supported?
In the editor, go to Format then Fonts to find the fonts available in Gmail. If you want to use a font that is not available in Gmail, you can edit the source code of the template and edit the font-family value of the text. We strongly recommend using Gmail supported fonts to avoid any issues.
How are signatures applied?
We use the Gmail API provided by Google, this updates the primary email’s signature in the Gmail web UI (not the mobile version). This signature is added to new emails only and not replies/forwards as described in the documentation. Also, please keep in mind that Gmail caches the signature so if you applied a new signature and the user has a Gmail tab with their old signature open they’ll need to refresh that tab.
Why are the signatures not showing when sending messages from the Gmail mobile app?
The signatures are only available for messages sent from the Gmail web UI. At this time, users need to manually update their plain text signature for mobile. Once the Gmail API is able to update the mobile signature, we’ll include this feature.
Why are the signatures not showing on the replies I sent if it is showing on new emails?
In order to use the web signature in replies/forwards go to the Gmail settings, under the General tab, look for the Signature setting. Make sure the signature for On reply/forward is the correct one.
How to insert an image?
In the menu tab Insert, click the Image option. Enter a public URL of the image in PNG or JPG formats ie.
Once you have inserted the public URL of the image, the editor should auto fill the width and height values but these can be changed if needed. Then, click Save to insert the image.
How to get the public URL of an image?
If the image you want to use is already public (on a website, for example), you can right click on it and select “Copy image address” to get the source URL.
How to insert an image from Google Drive?

Alternatively, you can upload the image to Google Drive and make it public on the web. You then need to get the ID of the file, selecting the option “Get shareable link”, and from the link extract only the ID:

Then, use the following address format in the Signature Manager editor:

Why is the signature template not applying to all my users?
Make sure the add-on is installed for everyone at your organization
You can go to the Admin console > Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace apps > Apps list and click on the Signature Manager for Gmail. Then click Uninstall app to uninstall it, then install the add-on to everyone at your organization.
This is necessary so the web application can manage the users’ signatures. Your users may see the add-on installed in their accounts but they won’t have access to the web application, only the super admins and invited non-admin users will have access to the Signature Manager for Gmail.
Where can I find the placeholders?

This is the list of placeholders and where to edit the information in the Admin console:

employee_id: User information -> Employee Information -> Employee ID

employee_name: The user’s first and last name

employee_title: User information -> Employee Information -> Job title

employee_W_phone: User information -> Contact Information -> the first “Work” phone number

employee_H_phone: User information -> Contact Information -> the first “Home” phone number

employee_mobile:  User information -> Contact Information -> the first “Mobile” phone number

employee_email: The user’s primary email address

employee_department: User information -> Employee Information -> Department

employee_address:  User information -> Contact Information -> the first address 

Why is the text and image not being displayed correctly?
By default, the width of the element is 100% so it will expand the 2 columns (image and signature) in bigger screens.
To solve this, before applying the signature you need to right click the table and select Table Properties. Under the General tab, delete the width value (leave empty) or enter a specific size in pixels and save the changes. If we use a percentage value it’ll always adapt to the size of the screen.