Signature Manager: Privacy.

Who We Are

HiView Solutions is a Google Cloud Premier Partner providing licenses, services, and support for organizations using Google products such as Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. Signature Manager for Gmail is a web app developed by HiView Solutions. Signature Manager for Gmail is a company-wide signature management solution. We adhere to the best practices of secure enterprise application development as defined by Google.

Our web app’s purpose is to allow companies using Google Workspace to centrally manage their company email signatures for users within their domain. The tool is intended to help users appear professional in email interactions with outside parties and to aid in marketing efforts. The tool is available to users worldwide.

How to Contact Us

For inquiries regarding Signature Manager for Gmail, send an email to Please direct all other inquiries about our products and services to

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may change this privacy policy at our discretion. This page will be updated as needed to reflect any changes.


We use the following definitions in describing our privacy policy:

Visitor—An individual who visits at least once with or without using our web app.

User/Account Admin—The registered owner of organizational access to our web app. Only Google Workspace Marketplace account Admins can register in our web app and use our services.

Services—All features of our web app, including Gmail signature management.

Web app—The platform on which our company-wide Gmail signature management tool is used. You can access our web app at

We, our and us—HiView Solutions and its employees, partners, and contractors.

Data You Provide to Us

The following list details the personal data we collect from you and their purpose. We collect this data with your permission and use them only as outlined below.

1. Registration and Authentication
We use Google’s OAuth as a registration and authentication service to our web app. OAuth is a Google property which allows us to identify and provide access to users. We access authentication data stored in these services. We do not gain access to your Google account password when you use the web app.

2. Google Data Handling
We are designed as a Google Workspace Marketplace application, but we cannot access any stored data in your Google email account ( Once you install our app via Google Workspace Marketplace, you will be able to log in. We require Superadmin privileges in Google Workspace for domain-wide installation of the web app. Once you install the app, you provide us with relevant permissions to access the data about your company and your users. You can learn more about how data access and permissions work in Google Workspace Marketplace apps here:

We use the Google Workspace Admin platform to push signatures to your employees, and to transfer all relevant information about your company in Google Workspace to our system. We use this information solely for signature management purposes.

To ensure seamless functioning of our application, we access, collect, and store the following data from your Google Workspace Admin account:

  • User/Admin profile details: Includes but is not limited to full name, email, phone number, address, and organization name.
  • Employee details and users of a domain: Full name, email address, phone number, mailing address, department name, assigned group, and organizational unit of each account in the Google Workspace domain.
  • Google Groups: Group names, subscriptions, and membership.
  • Organizational units (OUs): We collect names and descriptions of organizational units, their nested hierarchies, and the information about members of organizational units.
  • User schemas: We can view certain details (e.g. custom field names and types) of user schemas on your domain
  • QR Code Enablement Data: If the QR code feature is enabled, the usage of the QR code also results in additional data retention in order to ensure the QR code functions as needed across users and external shares to others’ devices. This  includes the user information available at the time of the QR code generation and creation of the VCard file. 

We do not gain access to the contents of any of your company’s email accounts.

Why We Collect Data from Google and What We Do With It

In order to start accessing and using our web app, you need to initiate a domain-wide install of our app. In order to do so, you must have a Superadmin role in your domain. Once you are a Superadmin, we collect the minimum information needed from your Google Workspace mail account to provide access to and use of the signature management app. We cannot access the contents of your email, and our platform cannot send messages on your behalf. We can only view Gmail settings with restricted access—notably, the settings related to Gmail signature management.

We can do the following with regard to your data:

  • View the provisioning of users on your domain, including details such as: name, address, phone number, and metadata.
  • The domain-wide install allows our app to view all the users in your domain. If you want to disable our app from accessing the user details of one or more organizational units, you may do so by contacting us. For example, if you are a Superadmin, you may disable our web app from receiving personal data.
  • Manage basic mail settings. The web app can modify, reset, and delete signatures.
  • You can disallow our app from accessing basic mail settings of some of your users in Google Workspace Marketplace Admin console. Please note that if you do so, you will no longer be able to use our app to update signatures for your domain.
  • View the groups, organizational units, user schemas. The app can access this information to allow signature updating for specific groups, organizational units, and users. We (and the app) cannot manage or update group memberships or organizational units.

How Long We Retain Your Data

We retain your data as long as your account with us is active, whether or not you used the app’s functions. If you want us to stop retaining your data, uninstall the HiviewSignature app from Google Workspace Marketplace. After you do so, the Signature Manager for Gmail bot can no longer your users’ Gmail signature settings.

You may contact us any time if you wish to terminate your subscription immediately and delete all the data in your account.


We do not intend to sell or lease your personal data without your prior written consent. We have permitted the following platforms to collect data on our site by means of cookies: Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
We do not disclose your personal data to third parties except when we believe release is necessary to comply with the laws, to enforce our terms of use, or to protect the rights and safety of others. This may include exchanging information with government entities, law enforcement agencies, or other organizations for fraud protection and legal compliance.