Signature Manager:
Terms of Service and User Agreement.

This is a legally binding document. These terms tell you how you can use our web application accessed via the following link: Once you log in to our web app and import your Google Workspace data, you are referred to as “the Customer” of our services by these terms.

Signature Manager for Gmail is a software solution developed by the company HiView Solutions, a Google Cloud Premier Partner. The Solution enables the Customer to standardize Employees’ email signatures across the organization. Our web app provides an easy signature management system for your company’s Google Workspace environment. With our app, you will be able to create and save custom Gmail signatures for your users.

For inquiries regarding Signature Manager for Gmail, send an email to Please direct all other inquiries about our products and services to

By accessing our web app you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be legally bound by this Terms of Service and User Agreement.

We reserve the right to make changes to this agreement without notice. Your continued use of our services after such changes implies your acceptance of the new terms. You should periodically check this page for the updated terms. If you do not agree to any of these terms or to any future changes, please cease use of the web app and uninstall it from your domain.


“Admin” refers to the person, employee, or staff member of the Customer who uses the Solution with “Admin” rights and is authorized to manage the database related to Employees.

“Customer” refers to any person or company who installs the application, thereby agreeing to the Terms.

“Data” refers to any data, information, or documents generated or used by Customer when using the Solution, which remain, at all times, the Customer’s property.

“Documentation” refers to any paper or electronic material provided to the Admin by HiViewSignature.

“Employee” refers to any user within the Customer’s Google Workspace environment whose Personal Data (such as full name, email address, and department) may be processed by the Customer when using the Solution.

“Solution” refers to the software program (on its executable form), including the Platform, Applications, and related Documentation, made available to Customer in accordance with the Order, as well as any update, upgrade, new versions, corrections, and enhancements that may be provided by Signature Manager for Gmail from time to time.


In order to use our services, Admins need to have an active Google Workspace account and should have administrative privileges (specifically Superadmin access) within their domain. In the first step of the registration process, you will be required to provide HiView Solutions LLC with access to your Google account. The registration process will ask you to grant our web app certain permissions to modify your Google Account. We will not use any of your data and details beyond what is needed for the functioning of the Solution without specific permission. After you complete the registration process, you may use your Google account to log in to our services.

When you grant us relevant permissions, you agree that we may use the account and the information you provide us in the manner detailed in these terms. You should not give the right to use your account to any third party unless the third party is authorized to manage your Google Workspace account for you. You take full responsibility for the conduct of any third party using your account with or without your permission for the breach of any terms outlined in this document.

If you wish to allow other users to access the same Signature Manager for Gmail web app, you should grant them Superadmin privileges in your Google Workspace environment. It is your responsibility to ensure that other employees are using our services as intended.

Use of Services

Our web app provides an easy signature management system for your company’s Google Workspace environment. With our app, you will be able to create and save custom Gmail signatures for your users.
We, as the provider of a third-party signature management system for Google Workspace Marketplace, cannot view or track your emails. Our app can only access the signature functioning of your Gmail account. Our app only applies the signatures created in our web app to users by accessing their signature settings. We do not control your mailbox and can not view nor store your email messages anywhere.

However, we do collect and store some of your personal details. You may read more about the information we collect about you at

We may upgrade our web app periodically and the interface of our system may change from time to time. We reserve the right to change the user interface at any time without notifying you.

You hereby agree that any content you post in our web app is yours (you own it) and you have the right to use it.

The following conduct is prohibited on our web app:

  1. Continuing to use our signature templates once the account is suspended/deactivated
  2. Using the signatures and the content not in accordance with these terms
  3. Using our services for illegal, immoral, unlawful, and/or unauthorized purposes
  4. Altering or attempting to alter any part of the web app, its look and feel, interface, advertisements, code, print-outs, logos, trademarks, or any part of our website without our prior written consent
  5. Attempting to access the account via impersonation or using our services under a false name, characteristic, or pretense
  6. Attempting to probe, scan and expose any vulnerability of the web app
  7. Any automated use of or access to the web app, including but not limited “bots”, “robots”, “spiders”, etc.
  8. Intellectual property and proprietary rights

The web app includes copyrighted works and protected trademarks that will remain our exclusive property. You may not make any use of such works without our prior written consent.

Once you have registered in our web app, we grant you the right to access our services such as the creation of company-wide signatures for some or all employees in your company’s Google Workspace environment. You may only use our services as intended. It is your responsibility to review help materials on our website to learn how to use the system properly. If needed, you may reach out to us by emailing